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Product review

Lenovo’s Latest 7-inch Tablet Comparison: A3000 vs. A1000

Posted by Kenneth "Definite" Lee on Mar 20, 2013
Files under Tech & Gadgets

Well, it’s rained tablets at Mobile World Congress! It started with Samsung announcing about their Galaxy Note 8.0. Lenovo has introduced not one, but three tablets.

Has it just been a few years since people came to know a company called Lenovo existed? Thanks to some aggressive marketing and assorted models, Lenovo is becoming popular name in the mobile world.

The tech giant is not a newbie to the industry. The company officially claims that it has been in the business since 1984. However, the name became popular when they acquired IBM in 2005.

The brand has come a long way in these eight years. Today, they are leading manufacturers of personal computers, mobile phones, work stations, smartphones and most importantly, tablets.

Today, Lenovo is a brand associated to unique gadget innovations. Their products definitely stand out in a crowd not just for their designs, but also for their features. Their A3000 and A1000 don’t disappoint us.


The Chinese manufacturer introduced the mid-range tablets at the MWC. The gadgets are supported by Android Jelly Bean Operating System, which has pricked the interest of many gadget enthusiasts.

People can now buy tablets that offer powerful performance and is set at a budget price. Here is a comparison between the A3000 and A1000 tablet models:


This is the first model of the entry-level tablets. The screen is seven inches and supports the maximum resolution of 1024X600 pixels. The device is powered by MediaTek processor which carries a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.

A1000 runs on Android platform: The 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System and has 1GB main memory RAM. It packs a good 4GB and 16GB of internal storage.

The built-in memory can be expanded with a Micro SD slot. 32GB is the maximum that can be expanded. However, this will be sufficient for all the casual browsers who are looking to store music and movies in their portable gadget.

An added advantage is the Dolby Digital Sound that is being packaged as part of the Audio system. It is a perfect combination for music lovers who can enjoy the tracks in crystal clear quality. The tablet will be released in two colors: black and white. People can personalize the table according to their requirements.


Well, if A1000 can pack some impressive features, what does A3000 offer? Here are its specifications:

The screen size is the same as A1000 which is 7 inches. It supports the maximum resolution of 1024X600 pixels. However, the device supports a processor which offers better performance.

The 1.2 GHz quad-core processor powered by MediaTek packs enough power for High Definition videos, photo sharing, games and casual web browsing.

The portable gadget runs on 1GB RAM and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean platform. People can stream videos without any issues and play games without any interruptions. It carries an IPS LCD panel which offers good brightness and better viewing angles.

Like A1000, it has a built-in memory of 4GB and 16GB. The device comes with a MicroSD slot with which the memory can be expanded up to 64GB.

The A3000 comes only in two models: one that supports only the Wi-Fi connectivity and the other that supports both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The model is also added with 3G HSPA + support which comes as an option. It has Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Comparison between A1000 and A3000:

The key differences between the two models are:

  • Back-up processor: Dual-core processor in A1000 and quad-core processor in A3000. Both processors are powered by MediaTek and carry the same 1.2 GHz clock-speed.
  • Expandable memory: A1000 can be expanded up to 32 GB and A3000 can be expanded up to 64GB.
  • Operating System: A1000 carries Android Jelly Bean 4.1 while it is the latest 4.2 version in A3000.
  • Price: The exact prices of both these model are not out yet. However, based on the configurations provided, the prices are definitely going to vary and will come under the ‘economical’ bracket.

There is not much difference between both the models. It depends on what a particular customer requires.

The first model supports excellent audio quality which could be a perfect choice for music lovers. The second model packs a better performance than the former model. This could be ideal for video streaming and casual gamers!

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