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How To Make Paper Beads

A great way to recycle newspapers, magazines or junk mail is to make paper beads. Paper beads are attractive and not costly. They can be used for a variety of projects. You can make the beads by using your own design of from pre-designed paper. Below are instructions that you can follow to make amazing paper beads.

First, you can use patterned paper to make beads. You can cut long triangles from wallpaper, construction paper and magazines. The longer the triangle the fatter the bead. Cut accordingly. Add glue by turning the triangle side down and apply glue to the ends that are pointy. Roll the beads beginning with the wide end. Use a dowel, bamboo skewer or toothpick to roll the triangle. Make sure the triangle is centered for it to have a free form. For the beats to last, you need to roll tightly. The layers should not have spaces. The tip of the triangle should be glued to the rolled paper. Add coats of varnish for a long lasting finish. Give it a few hours until the vanish sets on the bead. Slide the bead off. If it starts to unravel, consider adding more glue. Use the same steps to create more beads that you need to complete your project. You can make jewelry pieces or long string to decorate your home.

The other method would be to make beads by using your own designs. Begin by cutting triangle pieces of white printing paper. Cut the paper accordingly. To come up with your own design, you need to cut-out with pencils or markers. The triangle will roll onto itself. It means that the outer edges are the ones that will be visible. Such areas are the ones you need to focus your design. Use a few colors and designs to see which combination works best. You can color red to the tip of the triangle and strips of orange on the outside edges. It is advisable not to use washable markers to prevent the colors from running. Apply glue to the pointy ends of the triangle. Roll the bead beginning with the wide end by use of a dowel. The triangle should be centered so as the design may be displayed well. Roll tightly for the beads to last. Glue the tip to the rolled paper. Add varnish for a smooth finish. Create more beads by use of the same procedure. You can make a bracelet or earrings.

The third procedure is decorating your beads. You can use paint before adding varnish to create decorative designs. It is advisable to use puff paint that dries up fast. Add glitter of various colors for the beads to be sparkly. The beads need to be wrapped in string for a decorative pattern. Use little wire to come up with spiral patterns to thread the beads. It is important you use translucent nail polish to coat your bead. It will add glaze and create a semi-opaque color over the paper. If you don’t want to use varnish, you can instead use water coloured paint.

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