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Product review

Nokia Lumia 620: Good for Your Wallet And Pocket

Posted by Kenneth "Definite" Lee on Mar 08, 2013
Files under Tech & Gadgets

So it seems that Nokia has a success with its line of Nokia Lumia phones. And of course no one would be happier than Microsoft and their Windows 8 baby.

Whether Nokia and the Windows relationship can manage to go any further than it already has is something the tech gurus are persistently pondering. But while they continue doing that, Nokia releases a smartphone that is budget friendly, and ta-da, a part of their Nokia Lumia series.


The average Nokia spy will have you know that the Nokia Lumia 620 is a phone that is getting the entire buzz as it gets released worldwide and that too at a dazzling price. At $329, the phone is getting a lot of attention.

If you are dazzled by Nokia handsets till this day (admittedly they are pretty spiffy) and want to hold on to some cash too, then you should definitely investigate this set. Here are some of its major offerings.

1. Design. Nokia has a knack for coming up with some amazing vibrant phones no doubt about that. The fact that they managed to throw in some splashiness in a budget phone only goes to show that they are a master of what they do. The phone is light to hold at 127g, comes with an assortment of customizable covers, and is rugged when it comes to handling.

2. Display. The screen is a 3.8 inch, 480×800 Clearblack touchscreen. The Clearback technology used is responsible for making sure the screen is bright and the WVGA resolutions add to the crispness. Outdoor usage passes the test of value for money as well and though it isn’t like an iPhone 5, it isn’t a disappointment either.

3. Camera. The set comes with a 5 megapixel camera that sounds pretty shaky when you read about it but when the testing stage comes around, it’s fair to say that the camera is above average. The phone also has a 0.3 megapixel front facing camera and 720p of video shooting. The results of the images are good quality and the phone also has a dedicated camera button.

4. Battery. If anything about the phone is a drag, then this would have to be it (and of course spyware is the default drawback of all smartphones so Nokia spy software automatically defaults as a drag). The battery life is not so good and testing results are that it can hardly make it through a day. And this despite the fact that the set has a 1300mAh battery which one would assume is not so bad (it is).

5. Storage. The phone’s storage capacity is commendable. The phone comes with a built in storage capacity of 8GB and has a microSD slot which can support upto 64GB. This is exactly what the Galaxy Note2 and iPhone5 offer. Having said that it seems a heck of a good deal keeping the price differences in mind.

So is the phone worth it? Yes. If you have no qualms about embarking on a Windows Phone adventure and care to test the waters before making a huge monetary splash, this is the phone for you.

Author Bio: Natalia David is a phone junkie and regularly writes reviews on them. She writes on Pc monitoring, cell phone handling and specifically Nokia spy. For more details of mobistealth nokia spy visit site. You may also follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid.


One Response to “Nokia Lumia 620: Good for Your Wallet And Pocket”

  1. By Samfrank on Mar 22, 2013

    it’s an affordable “WINDOWS 8″ phone! And no offence, but if you’re on benefits, then buying a smart phone shouldn’t be one of your priorities.The folks at The Gadget Show were simply blown away by the Lumia 620, saying that as far as budget smartphones go, this is the best they’ve ever had in their hands

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