14. June 2015 · Comments Off on Sharing with Intpostage.com · Categories: IPhone Technology

Do you like the idea about giving and receiving not only from someone you never know, but also from certain place you never knew before? Anyway, if you love the idea, Intpostage.com is a site you should never skip. There, with their unique system you can change souvenirs and postcards to someone from the different place. However, you need to know, to be able taking part to this community, you need to be its user first by registering yourself and it is free. Once you register and fill your personal information, you can activate your account.

Then, you simply fill your additional information in profile section to share with other user. Not to mention, but if you worry about any people can see your postal address, don’t worry since, only those who send your souvenirs and postcards who can. After you’ve done with any filling information stuffs, if you want to, you can send directly your souvenirs and postcards to particular user that is chosen by the system. Oh, you need to know that the amount souvenirs or postcards you can send are twenty. However, if you expect more, you need to wait the souvenirs or postcards that you send are received by someone. Interested? Feel free to join.

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