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Strange Laws from Across the Globe

There are many weird laws out there in the world. These laws appear unusual to people from other parts of the world, but you have to adhere to them when you visit the region. An example is you cannot leave the house without underwear in Thailand since that is illegal. Here are even more weird laws in other parts of the world.
You cannot play the piano after midnight in Germany. Someone hated the sound of a piano at night that much, or whoever was playing was that terrible. It has remained a law up to now. You are allowed to indulge in other instruments if you so wish.
In England, there are no Mute Swans on the menu, except the queen’s. She owns all of them, and only she can kill and eat them.
It is illegal to have ketchup on school cafeteria menus in France. Some say it is for the preservation of their culture and also to promote the use of mayonnaise instead.
You shall find certain regions in Italy where it is forbidden to die. This is why they insist on annual checkups for residents. In case you miss it, there shall be a fine imposed on you.
In case you are ever caught littering in Singapore, you will have to wear a t-shirt that says what a littering habit you have. This is how they have kept their streets clean. You shall learn more about how not to litter here.
In Switzerland, you cannot keep one goldfish. They believe the fish needs the company of a friend or friends. This is why people keep two or more.
In Japan, the lights have to be on in a club after midnight if people are still dancing. This was a compromise to counter the government efforts to ban dancing after midnight.
In China, the government shall have a way when it comes to your reincarnation. The country has most of its citizens believe that when they die, they shall reincarnate back to this world. The government, therefore, issues reincarnation passports to monitor those numbers.
You are not allowed to drive with no hands in Vietnam. While the idea is to prevent accidents from happening, the language of the law is a bit ambiguous. It is not clear whether the law was meant for those who have no hand or hands, or for those who simply do not wish to use them.
In South Korea, parents can have you arrested for playing video games past midnight. At the same time, they can give you permission to do so if they please. Such leverage should be given to parents from other places.
You will hear of some other weird ones. This site shall provide you with a chance to discover more about stranger things from the world.

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