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How Problem Drinking Differs From Alcoholism

People in different parts of the world both men and women do love to drink. When an individual engages in too much drinking, it leads to a severe case of addiction and an individual ends up being an alcoholic. Normal drinking for fun and being an alcoholic are two different scenarios that you will want to understand. Alcoholism has not related positive effect and this means that no matter how much you might try to praise it, the habit always find a way to get the most out of you in a negative way. Problem drinking refers to consuming alcohol in a way that it can adversely affect your health or life but you are not addicted to it. You will be referred as an alcoholic when your body is totally dependent on it and not only is your body affected but you are addicted to it also. You will know that you are an addict when you cannot stay a day without craving to drinking and your body reacts differently to the demand.

I is vital that you determine where you are as far as your drinking situation is concerned. There are common warning signs to look out for to know when you are a problem drinker. For problem drinkers your body may not need the drink all the time, but you will realize that you cannot handle any specific function including the ones that you are obligated to without feeling that negative compulsion. The significant difference between problem drinking and alcoholism is the physical dependency. Understand that one situation leads to another in that in most cases one develops the drinking problem and ends up being an addict. If you are a problem drinker, you often experience adverse consequences to your health together with your personal life. The fact that problem drinkers are not addicts, they don’t usually experience withdrawal symptoms when they decide to get treatment as in the case of alcoholics.

In most cases, problem drinkers do consume alcohol for the same reason that is related to the urge to be in an altered state of consciousness. You want to maintain a positive life and which means that you will need to have the best ways of taking care of yourself but when it comes problem drinkers it becomes hard in situations where they cannot drink. It has a negative influence on your daily routines as it can make you miss on your duties and responsibilities. Alcoholism on the other side has been considered a disease and one needs to seek the necessary treatment to get back to normalcy.

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