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Does Vaping And Air Travel Go Together?

Everyone has probably heard of the caping trend. You can see people vaping in public places everywhere you go. People who are in to vaping like having their vapes with them as they go about daily life. They have their vape juice and extra batteries packed inside their bags or kept in their pockets, where they can take them out whenever they feel the need to use it. Vapers have delighted in the fact that they can carry their e-cig even to the most public of places – well that is, until airplanes were decided to be no vape zones.

For some people who hate any form of smoking, be it through traditional cigarettes or vaping, this comes as good new. But vapers have found this to be unfair and a result of stigmas. But if you are curious as to how airlines have come to this decision, then read on and find out below.

One of the real causes of concern for airline companies is the batteries used in e-cigs. Similar to the reason why traditional smoking was banished in the early years, lithium-ion batteries are believed to be fire hazards. If you didn’t already know, your other precious devices like your laptop, tablet, and smartphone contains lithium-ion batteries too, which is why there are some limitations to usage when traveling with them. You’ve probably heard of some of these devices causing explosions in flights, becoming breaking news all over the world, and with these in mind, we can’t just ignore the possible risks of lithium-ion batteries. But don’t start a protest just yet, as lithium-ion batteries are allowed on the plane, just not along with checked baggage. So have your vaping batteries safely kept inside the mod or in proper casing, and put it alongside your phone during security checks.

The second reason is the vapor. The majority of people see any smoke that comes from someone’s mouth as the result of a cigarette. With this mindset, the fire scare is increased and anxiety arises among passengers.

If you’re thinking about going to the lavatory to vape, then don-t even consider it as it is also prohibited. Even as you think you’ve found a loophole to the whole prohibition shenanigans, the advanced smoke detectors won’t let you go away with it, especially because you can’t avoid creating a huge vape cloud. You’ll surely be caught with the alarms sounding at 30,000 feet in the air, causing panic all throughout the plane.

You probably are about to throw a tantrum right now, but remember that there is hope – you can vape right away when you land. As you seek to obey the rules, you’ll end up without the frustration of your vaping equipment confiscated, and even set an excellent example for others in the vaping community. Hold on, soon you will see the change brought by good actions.

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