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Various Ways of Securing the Mobile Phone and the Online Accounts

Information about an individual has more value than any else, and people are taking the wrong ways to get the information. The internet and technology usage is giving an individual the chance of hiding their identity on the web, and they commit crimes without fear of getting to be known. The internet enables us to hide our real identity and use fake identification to commit the crime; as the saying goes that to know the true colors of someone is when they are acting without being noticed. Most of the people get a password that they would remember easily when they are told to provide the password again. With time the passwords that were easy to remember have been replaced, and today people are required to have strong passwords. The article identifies the tips that an individual should use to secure their phones and online accounts.

The individual should change the password, and that should be one of the tips of ensuring that the phone and the online account are safe. For those who had created their online accounts before the need of information increased used to have simple passwords. The password could consist of the name of the individual or their children that has the only type of character. A simple to remember password is good when an individual wants it to remember the password, but it is weak technically. The online account require their users to out a password that is eight characters long and should contain a special character, a letter and number hence there are different types of characters. with such kind of password it is impossible to guess the correct password for the account is one does not know it.

Another tip that individual need to have when securing their mobile phones and online account is that they should have different passwords for each account they have. Today with the number of online activities increase daily an individual may find themselves with a lot of passwords they need to keep. The tip of managing the numerous passwords that one has is by using password management app. The apps assist the individual in maintaining the password at a small price the app is secure so nobody can access your passwords.

the other tips are that the individual should use the two-factor authentication when login into their accounts. This means that when the individual is login into the account they are asked to enter the password for the account and before they log in they are asked to verify that they are the true owners of the account through a text that is sent to them. Another Form of tips is that the phone should have a firewall and antivirus which provides security to the mobile phone.

In conclusion, the mentioned are some of the tips that the individual should put in place to ensure the safety of their data.

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