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Are You Based In Canada and You Want to Apply for a Vietnamese Visa? Here Are a Couple of Things That You Should Do Prior to Filling out Your Application

You will most certainly come across many horror stories given by people who had a hard time obtaining their visas. However, do not let these stories deter you from pushing through with your application. The experience you have will depend primarily on the type of arrangements you make. You will be guaranteed of having a seamless and speedy process if you prepare adequately beforehand. This article will shed light on the things you ought to do before kick-starting the application process.

Check your passport. This sounds obvious, right? However, it is surprising that many applicants don’t take the time to do it. You have to have blank pages left on your passport. In some unfortunate incidences, some applicants start the application process, and it is only at the final stage that they realize that they do not have any blank spaces left. They are, therefore, forced to cancel the application and renew their passports first. Your passport must at least have four empty pages. In addition to checking the pages, you also have to check its validity. Ideally, you can only use a passport whose validity isn’t nearing expiration; anything below six months isn’t allowed.

Familiarize with the requirements. Securing the documents needed for your application at the last minute is frustrating. These documents, in most cases, take a while to process. In this case, travelers are advised to obtain them early enough. Failure to do so might compel them to cancel their traveling plans. Knowing all the requirements that you need to fulfill is important. It is only by doing this that you can make proper arrangements to avoid last-minute delays. Visit the consulate’s site. Read through the requirements carefully and note them down, if possible. Some applicants think that they can bend the rules. This isn’t possible. You might manage to submit your application without fulfilling all the requirements. Nonetheless, your application will be rejected. Thus, stick by the rules and fulfill each and every requirement to avoid wasting money and time.

Know the processes you’ll have to follow. After you’ve determined all the requirements, you’ll need to move to the process. What does the consulate expect you to do, and at what time do you have to get it done? Will you have to show up for a one-on-one interview? Is the application handed over in person? How are the payments made? Knowing each and every step to take will avoid confusion and afford you an easy time. Call the consulate’s client support line, if you come across anything vague.

Find out how long the consulate will take to process your application. Many times, applications are processed within no more than one week, but it is good to verify. With this information, you’ll know which time to fill in and submit your application. It is always good to do things early enough to avoid disappointments and unnecessary delays and rush. Your application process will be simple and quick if you do as this write-up suggests.

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