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Procedures On How To Clean Your Car And Prevent It From Smelling Cigarette Smoke

After you are addicted to smoking, quitting it becomes a challenge and when you start smoking most part of your life affected by the urge to smoke and smoke itself. No one becomes an addict because they wanted to, but it is because they could do it once or twice before the habit possessed them. The car is a favourite spot for many smokers but the smell that is left behind after smoking if devastating two other passengers who do not smoke. After smoking for some time in a vehicle the smoke becomes trapped inside the car and getting rid of it can be somehow a hard task, however in this article I’m going to take it through the steps on how to prevent the smell of a smoke from sticking into your car after you have smoked .

The first method of preventing your car from smelling after you smoke is that you should not smoke while you have parked your car. If you are a smoker you can ensure preventing the smell of the smoke sticking into your car by smoking while you are driving since there will be a lot of gaseous exchange from outside and inside the car and to read more about this clickread more here. The use of air freshener Can help control the smell that is left behind in your car after smoking. There are a variety of air freshener scent, where you can choose from them your favorite that you will use to spray your car in order to control the smell of smoke.

Vacuums can be a good preventive measure that you can use to control the smell of cigarette smoke in your car, and you should vacuum your ceiling and floor and to read more about this clickread more here. The finished cigarette produces a devastating or disgusting smell especially when it is dropped in the car; you can control the smell by vacuuming your floors and ceiling and to read more about this clickread more here. The dust coatings in your car can be a source of bad smell you can control this by thoroughly cleaning your car in order to get rid of all the smell left in your car and to read more about this clickread more here. You can also apply the use of absorbent to control the smell of cigarettes from coming out of your car. in order to remove the smell of cigarette from your car you should sprinkle some soda ash on the floor, sit and floor mat of your car and leave it for some time to absorb the smell.

It is also advisable that you a box of baking soda open in your car which will ensure that eating keep on absorbing the cigarette smell. Last but not least you should ensure that you quit smoking entirely in your car or vehicle after cleaning it for this will help you in keeping your car free from the cigarette smoke smell.

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