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Examples of the Key Addictive Substances in the Society

A number of substances that people consume are extremely addictive. Yet, the number of people consuming these substances ends up in addiction without knowing. Although there is a huge difference between the addictive substances in the society, it is worrying that the majority of people do not have this know-how this ending up in addiction. As you interact with these substances, it is worth determining which one of them possess the highest danger to human health. There is a large number of countries that have legalized these addictive substances, thus making it essential for any consumer to examine each one of them before consumption. Moreover, the addictive drugs fetch the highest prices in the streets due to the increased demand. This article has elaborated on some of the key addictive substances in society.

Heroin is the key substance that this article will shed some light on. This substance is a powerful opioid commonly used by many people. Users of this substance experience a powerful euphoria, which is pleasurable and equivalent to the withdrawal symptoms. In order to keep a balanced state of the mind, heroin users consume this substance with the intention of trying to strike a balance between pleasures the drug brings and the pain of withdrawal. This is the main reason why it becomes hard for people to withdraw from using this substance. There is a high rate of sharing needles since the drug is taken into the body through injection. This random sharing of injection needles is critical as users can easily get transmitted diseases on top of the severe causes of heroin.

The second addictive substance to consider in this article include the opioids. Opioids are used by doctors during medical operations. Examples of pain opioids include oxycodone and vikadin among others. Another addictive substance under this category of drugs is Codeine. When codeine is injected into the body, they cause relaxation as well as pleasure. This substance can also be used in medication, but has a lot of side effects. You will be able to change your personality totally if you consume these drugs. This drug’s addiction can lead to drowsiness as wells as confusion, causing people to have difficulty in seeing, breathing and even performing the normal motor functions. Based on the fact that majority of the users of this substance have scanty information about it, they end up taking excessive dosages.

The third addictive substance which is common in our society is nicotine. There are long term effects of using nicotine, even if most of them cannot lead to death. It is clear that over a billion people around the world use nicotine. Despite the fact nicotine is very addictive, many people still consume it in society.

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