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Effects of Instagram Updates

Instagram reached one billion users a few years last years per Miami Ad School. The growth has been as a result of how convenient the platform is in charging images and pictures. The social media platforms also witnessed a growth in the number of people advertising their goods and services online. A few years back influencers have been trying to use negative graphics to draw attention to their accounts. This has made Instagram develop new policies and updates which reduce the negative content being created in the platform. The platform will no longer have visible likes underneath one’s photos. With this, the quality of competition will be lowered, and users will now aim at sharing quality photos in the platform. These updates have caused an outrage of comments to the user who have different views and opinions on the same. This article aims at outlining some of the ways Instagram updates will affect advertisers in the platform.

First, it is important for one to know that these updates are being tested and that they have not started being used. The updates were after research that showed that Instagram has been having a negative impact on the users on the platform. The platform has also been rated as one which causes low self-esteem to users. Without likes all users will no longer compete to see who has the largest number of likes and thus promoting good use of the social media platform.

Likes counts a lot to most advertisers and influencers during their advertorial campaigns. This has made some advertisers to buy likes for their accounts. The number of likes has always been a sign that one has a wider reach and a larger audience. Hence if the new updates are enacted they will ensure that no one will be able to see the likes that other people get. The new updates will also make sure that one will not see how much the competitors are getting on likes, therefore, lowering the competition.

One should begin generating the content of value in order to ensure that they do not get affected with the new updates. Valuable content will help one reach more customers with their updates. it is important for all advertisers to embrace good quality content if they will want to get the best out of the platform. One should focus on giving the audience what they want to see in order to promote their reach and boost their sales.

To conclude, it is important for advertisers to consider changing the quality of content they share on Instagram in order to get the best out of the platform.

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