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For most American citizens, NASA TV online is one of the favorite program. It is regarded as an interesting program since in some occasions; it opens the opportunities for social networking followers of NASA to talk directly with the astronauts who work in the laboratory as it orbits at an altitude of 240 miles above the earth. It is one of the charms of this feature.

Besides the NASA channel, there is a futuristic feature in the online TV service. This is a Video Recorder. This service can be used to store programs of various channels. Besides, you can also record videos or TV programs that are broadcast or will be aired. To free the storage, you can delete the video manually. Please remember that you can watch online TV everywhere. To complete it, use the pause and rewind TV feature to play video.

There are several advantages of this facility. First, you have the freedom to watch the shows up to 7 days back. Therefore, you are not bound by their airtime from TV stations. Second, you will never feel bored because it provides the variety of TV channels online. Third, you can enjoy karaoke services in accordance with the type of music that you like.

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