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Creole Christmas dishes

Just like all other cultures, the creaole christmas is all about family members – grandparents, aunts, uncle’s, and parents accumulating together to feast. Highlighted below are some of the things that you must consider when choosing a creaole christmas dish.

First of all, think of cooking small food portions, just enough for an individual. This may appear odd though all the guests will try out all the foods served. So instead of cooking an entire chicken breast, fillet half of it that will be eaten by two people. Another tip is that you must opt for easy to serve dishes such as bundle vegetables and pasta shells.

If the people you expect for the festivities are over twenty, think of investing in less costly chafers. These are not ally meant to keep foods hot for long. These equipment will not just make the food hot but will also be presentable. The right temperature will also ensure that food will not be infested by bacteria.

During the planning process of the menu, opt for the special and unique meals. Most people in the creaole christmas functions opt for foods like roast goose, lamb leg and snow crab legs.

The right menus are the ones that can hold for about an hour. Do not prepare the meals that must be eaten within the first minutes of preparation. Unexpected occurrences could happen and these foods could go to waste. For instance, the guests could arrive late or you may have to attend to something fast hence the food going to waste. One should not be upset when they expected people to arrive early and they turn up late. Do not forget to include appetizers in your meal.

Think of how you will handle the leftovers. A good option would be purchasing covered takeaway trays for your guests to carry food home. You can also organize for ziplock freezing bags to store for a lengthy period for your family consumption.

Some of the common recipes you should consider preparing include boudin stuffed grape leaves, small sliced thrived cooked ducks in tiny servings, roasted pork loin chops with sauerkraut and onions, cajun fried turkey in or the creaole holiday dirty rice. This rice is mandatory for any cajun or creole meal in a party set up.

Other recipes to consider for creole christmas parties include the pork tenderloins accompanied by sundried fig glaze, creole cranberry relish, stuffed mirliton riverboats, shrimp and crawfish stuffed pasta shells, standing prime rib roast, potatoes stuffed using crabmeat and scallops wrapped in bacon. Scallops with bacon is an appetizer dish that is easily prepared.

Other creaole dishes are andouill and turkey gumbo, seafood gumbo, creaole oyster soup, asparagus and carrot bundles, crabmeat stuffed pork loins, crawfish pirogues, tasso and black-eyed peas and white beans with tasso and spiral cut ham.

Above are some of the simple meals that you must opt for if you intend to entertain your guests with a Creole Christmas party. Regardless of the tradition you opt for, make sure you strive to have a good time with your friends and family members. Christmas is all about family and feasting.

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