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After the inception of the first iPhone in 2007, this smartphone has revolutionized the smart phone industry into a record breaking industry. The iPhone was one of the first smart phones which did the work of a cellular phone, a camcorder, a digital camera and a music player all by itself. It made the world a fan of selfies and started the different trends of our generation. With the help of this smart phone we are able to get in touch with everybody, take pictures, videos without any hassle and even share them with others using a Mac or an iPhone. So when we need to share a video of a recipe or a precious memory stored in our Mac to an iPhone, we need to convert the video file into an iPhone friendly format. For this Job we recommend the Movavi Video Converter for Mac.

The Movavi Video Converter for Mac is the perfect media converter for Mac. It is intricately designed to convert the files into formats supported by the iPhone as well as iPad, iPod and the numerous other android devices in the market. With its powerful video converter, the Movavi Video Converter for Mac can also be used profusely for audio and image file conversions. And the lucid user interface is a gem and helps every non technical person to use the software without any problem.

The best feature of Movavi Video Converter for Mac that proves its superiority over other such software is the Super Speed Mode that allows the program to complete its work 81 times faster than other similar software. In fact we can guarantee that Movavi Video Converter for Mac is the fastest converter software right now in the market. So by using this software you can get the best quality video without wasting precious time.

Movavi Video Converter for Mac is flexible with the vast array of majorly used video and audio formats like FLV, WMV, MOV, VOB, etc. Beside it is compatible with over 200 mobile devices and the quality of video that you will get after conversion is unmatched by other such software. It can also edit videos like trim, join, crop and rotate, adding titles and watermarks, etc.

So if you own a Mac and do like to share videos with your friends and family via smartphone then Movavi Video Converter for Mac will be the right choice for you


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